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Standardization and certification when it was developed in the world, was assumed to create a common economic space similar to such organizations as the WTO, the Customs Union and EC (European Community), such space where there are common conditions applicable to same continuous operations. Therefore the "International Forum for Certification" was created. IAF and ISO (the international organization for certification) – are both international organizations for certification. Also there are international accreditations of laboratory, etc.

Such international organizations have to include each state, thereby confirming compliance to requirements of the International Organization for certification. It means the certificates issued on the territory of this state are quoted in any country included into the international organization. The Russian Federation in August – September 2013 became a member of International organization for certification - "The international Forum for Certification", and of the International organization for Accreditation of test laboratories, but unfortunately the process of accreditation in the Russian Federation in the international organization is still not completed therefore a question of how the certificates issued by the Russian certification bodies are quoted abroad remains suspended. These are realities of our market and activity of our state, but we found an effective way we can overcome current situation. We offer to the Russian companies which are engaged in purchases or deliveries abroad, as an alternative - certification according to the International standards. For this purpose we created special bodies which work with the international organizations: the German certification body and certification body in London.



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«SMK STANDART» 将快速而专业地进行审核,制定单独的技术文件,实施质量管理体系并培训员工。