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Certification of International Railway Industry Standard was developed by the Inion of the European Railway Industries in order to harmonize standards in the industry and allow companies to carry out joint activities related to transportation.

The implementation of this standard will:

  • improve the efficiency of logistics schemes in general;
  • satisfy the most demanding customers, including the monopolists;
  • reduce costly part of the budget of railway transportation;
  • improve reliability and to ensure a stable quality of transportation.

Regarding the fact that the main factor in freight is efficiency, the availability of IRIS certification gives its owner significant advantages over its competitors.

Why do you need International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Certification?

If the company operates in Russia, this document gives the right to make deliveries to JSC "Russian Railways". You can start the cooperation with the state enterprise that can offer favorable conditions and provide constant orders even tomorrow. In addition,  the management system certification according to the international railway standard IRIS:

  • increases the level of trust of partners to your business;
  • reduces the number of inspections by the regulatory authorities, as well as minimizes the percentage of users audits;
  • makes your company more attractive for cooperation and investment;
  • gives the advantage to tenders of any type, will increase your stake on the market;
  • can be used in advertising to attract the attention of potential partners and customers.

It’s easier to get IRIS for those entrepreneurs who already have ISO certification. Note, however, that passing an international certification is a more complex process, which is not clear without a specialist.

We have considerable experience in this field and know the ins and outs of IRIS certification. Our experts prepare all the necessary documents quickly and professionally, conduct training and provide comprehensive information support.

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