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俄罗斯市场对ISO 20000国际标准的适应性。

Certificate GOST R ISO / IEC 20000-2010 is an adaptation of the ISO 20000 international standard to the Russian market. It contains a list of the requirements for IT management services, and is aimed at the improvement and development of this type of management.

The benefits of implementation and certification:

• Optimization of management of IT company, or IT department;
• Improvement of the effectiveness and the reliability of IT services;
• Increase of the attractiveness of the company to investors;
• Significant capitalization growth;
• Creation of a positive image of the organization, ensuring the loyalty of customers and partners;
• Reduction of the risk of conflict with other management systems;
• Increased opportunities to enter the world market.

Certificate of ISO / IEC 20000-1 is not widely used in Russia, but under of the pressure of foreign IT companies and services, certification to this standard will be an excellent solution as for an instant gain, as for the future, for all companies working closely with information technology.

In Russia the most common objects of certification are companies that provide IT services (technical support, warranty services, improved data-processing systems), as well as large organizations with in-house IT department, in which information technologies affect the flow of business processes.

If you need this type of certification, contact the certification body  «SMK STANDART».




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