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Scope of services is huge starting from beauty salons to service stations. A significant number of companies raise serious competition. We offer to get one more argument in favor of choosing your company - the Services Conformity Certificate. Obtaining of this document is not mandatory. However, it can:

  • increase the potential customer level of confidence in the company;
  • give a chance to cooperate with international and large Russian companies;
  • allow to participate in tenders (both in public and private);
  • simplify the loan application.

With this document you will be able to demonstrate that you can be trusted. It does not matter what it is: car repairs, house cleaning, landscaping, or educational services. Quality certificate for the service entitles you to claim that you carry a responsible attitude to your duties, attract qualified personnel, and create favorable conditions for their work.

The certificate does not involve the examination, which simplifies the procedure greatly. However, you should prepare for this procedure. Sometimes even small errors or omissions significantly slow the process.

In order to make the path less thorny you should turn to professionals.

Our company is at your service. Order a certification and you will get:

  • initial consultation, where our expert will answer all the questions;
  • assistance in the preparation of documentation, as well as the elimination of deficiencies;
  • support of the certification process.

We are always in touch and work to get the result. Efficiency - one of the most important criteria of our work. We respect and maintain the confidentiality of the client.




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