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ГОСТ Р ИСО 14001-2007 制定审计和实施标准

According to this standard environmental management systems are implemented in Russian enterprises. ISO 14001 certification implies previous implementation by organization applying to environmental management system certificate.

Standard 14001 shall be implemented for a number of goals:

Help to organizations to minimize impact of processes adversely affecting the environment (air, water or ground). Complying with laws and ordinances in force in the field of environmental regulation. Permanent improvement of environmental aspects.

Standard ISO 14001 may be applied in any organizations regardless of their size and type, relation to production or service area, it is applicable in any area of activity. Organization is free to determine limits of its environmental management system expansion. It may decide to implement standard ISO 14001 in an entire organization or in specific production units.

Prior to implement ISO 14001 initial audit of processes shall be carried out in order to detect flaws, and then identify all current and possibly future operations interacting with the environment (they are also called environmental aspects). Environmental aspects shall include direct (involved in production process) and indirect (e.g., raw materials) ones. Initial audit helps one to set environmental goals and objectives (which shall be measurable); helps one to develop control and management of procedures and processes, serves to elicit any regulatory requirements which afterwards may be included into environmental policy of the company.

Implemented standard ISO 14001 increases business stability and provides for competitive edges over organizations which do not have EMS. It is particularly true against the background of continuous serevization of environmental requirements by the consumers. All this exerts influence on asset cost and public perception of business.

SMK STANDART offers its services in conducting audit and its assistance in implementation of the standard. Company can develop by itself all the documentation and implement the standard, but for quicker and optimum effect it is possible to involve experienced specialists who within a short time will explain and tell what key aspects are worth paying attention to.

At the first stage information on company activity and internal processes shall be collected. In doing so confidentiality agreement shall be signed. At the second stage specialists shall go to the company in order to analyze enterprise situation on site, communicate with company employees. Basing on set audit plan and performed work an audit report shall be prepared where comments are stated (actions which organization shall carry out) in order to comply with standard requirements. SMK STANDARD employees are ready to help you in accommodating such comments, refine and develop all missing documents, as well as carry out all necessary actions for personnel training.




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