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ГОСТ Р ИСО 22000-2007 危害分析和关键控制点管理体系 制定审计和实施标准

HASSP system is intended to reduce risks due to possible problems of food product safety.

Who is required to implement HASSP system?

* Food product manufacturers.

* Agricultural producers of raw materials: agricultural holdings, agricultural companies, farm enterprises, partnerships and cooperatives.

* Foodstuff processors.

* Manufacturers of feeds, veterinary preparations, fertilizers, pesticides.

* All trading companies selling foodstuff.

* Any public catering establishments (food courts).

* Companies engaged in finished product storage, packaging and transportation.

* Manufacturers of cleaners and disinfectants, food processing and retail equipment.

It is important to realize that HASSP is a food product safety management system providing for control at all and every stage of food chain, in any point of production process, as well as product storage and selling, where there is a probability of hazardous situation.

SMK STANDART renders assistance when carrying out audits and developing documentation taking into account legal requirements, as well as makes company specialists ready to inspections of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

In order to provide food product safety the following shall be assessed during food production process:

* compliance of production processes;

* process step sequence and route;

* provision of production control completeness and reliability;

* plant state, maintenance and operation.

SMK STANDART offers its services in conducting audit and its assistance in implementation of the standard. SMK STANDART specialist works directly with the enterprise determining technological process key points and develops control measures to manage the same.

At the first stage information on company activity and internal processes shall be collected. In doing so confidentiality agreement shall be signed. At the second stage specialists shall go to the company in order to analyze enterprise situation on site, communicate with company employees. Basing on set audit plan and performed work an audit report shall be prepared where comments are stated (actions which organization shall carry out) in order to comply with standard requirements. SMK STANDARD employees are ready to help you in accommodating such comments, refine and develop all missing documents, as well as carry out all necessary actions for personnel training.




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