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Quality audit is focused on detecting causes of non-conformances in company quality system, processes or products (services). Hence principal audit goal appears: to collect objective evidence permitting one to detect non-conformances in processes, products (services) or quality system.

In the course of audit the following shall be determined:

  • Quality management system effectiveness: extent is determined to which quality management system is implemented in the company; it is determined if quality management system helps to achieve results of company principal activity.

  • Quality management system efficiency: if quality management system functions as a system, rather than as separate parts.

  • Level of compliance with quality management system standards and procedures: differences between actual operation and that provided in quality management system documentation are detected.

  • Inspection of work performance quality: determination of conformity of work with requirements set.

  • Impact of changes on quality management system: detection what impact changes that took place in the company have on quality management system.

Audit shall detect key focus areas for system improvement. Findings of quality management system audits shall help top management to take strategic decisions related to company business processes.

What sort of audits are there?

There are first-party, second-party and third-party audits.

  • First-party audit: audit of its own quality management system and documentation thereof carried out by the company itself or in the name of the company. Its goal is to provide support, development and improvement of quality management system.

  • Second-party audit: audit of suppliers and subcontractors performed by the company itself or in the name of the company. Its goal is to determine supplier suitability, evaluate work of suppliers / subcontractors.

  • Third-party audit: audit carried out by competent authority which is independent of the company, its suppliers and clients in financial and contractual terms. Its goal is to determine if quality management system of this organization is documented and if it is implemented in compliance with specific standard.

How do we carry out audits?

SMK STANDART has broad experience in carrying out audits. Quality management system audit process includes three stages:

  • Preliminary documentation audit.

  • On-site inspection.

  • Audit report drawing up.

Preliminary audit

Documentation for quality provision shall, as far as possible, be audited to the full extent. Prior to perform main audit auditor may request substantive documentation for preliminary examination. Certification audits shall always be carried out along with request of main documents in electronic format. In doing so confidentiality agreement shall be signed with auditor. Analysis of previous audit findings shall be performed.




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