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Companies operating in the field of service, are often very difficult to compete with similar companies. After all, it is not easy to assess the quality of the staff. But we still offer to prove that each of your employees is a professional of the highest class. For this you need

All the team achievements will be appreciated, which will allow take a higher step into the business world in future. The quality of services depends on how high the qualifications of employees are, so often these two certificates must be ordered in the complex.

We are ready to provide consultative support, to choose the optimal strategy work and a preliminary audit. Based on the data, our experts will make recommendations and prepare the necessary documents. You will get maximum support, which means that the process of certification will be quite simple. Contact us, we will be happy to help!




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«SMK STANDART» 将快速而专业地进行审核,制定单独的技术文件,实施质量管理体系并培训员工。